On January 31, 2023, with the bustling end of the Spring Festival, Niu’s team members returned to their familiar posts one by one. After a happy holiday, the foreign trade partners were all full of energy and put into work in good condition.

At the meeting, the boss summarized the work in 2022 and set new planning goals for 2023. In this new year full of infinite possibilities, Niu’s team will move towards higher goals and make better achievements. Everyone is in high spirits and has expressed their opinions. Next, the boss introduced several new solar light products to be launched this year. Here is a brief introduction to you. For more information, welcome to our official website https://www.nd-solar.com.

First of all, solar flood lights. The new ND-18 series led flood light is Aluminum Alloy+Tempered Glass, which has three wattage: 200W, 300W and 500W. The working hours are as long as 8-20 hours, which can fully support the lighting at night. And the solar panel of this solar floodlights is different from other solar  flood light series, which gives customers more choices.

Next, there is an all in one solar street light, Aluminum Alloy+PC, with a total of two watts: 400W and 600W. There are 12-16 hours of working hours in cloudy or rainy days. The solar panel also uses monocrystalline silicon with higher working efficiency.

More new solar light products will be introduced to you one by one in the near future. If you are interested in our products, welcome your consultation and look forward to your arrival.