3 Tips About Commercial Solar Flood Lights to Double Your Business

Do you want to double your business with friendly lighting solutions? Investing in commercial solar flood lights can do this for you. Along with other applications, they are essential in increasing security. Installing commercial solar flood lights to illuminate dark spaces is a great way to reduce crime.

Providing enhanced safety at night time is quite a challenging task. Using solar flood lights in remote dark areas can yield better outcomes than any other lighting system. Combining other security measures, solar LED lights can benefit the whole community.

Here we will find 3 crucial tips about commercial solar flood lights to boost your wholesale business quickly.

Common Applications of Commercial Solar Flood lights

Installing solar flood lights can offer significant energy conservation. Their cost-effective and environment-friendly nature makes them an ideal solution to light up commercial spaces. Here are some notable areas to use solar LED lights.


  1. Government Facilities

Public safety is a major concern in government facilities. Solar lighting to illuminate parks, streets, parking lots, and other such areas can be a  reliable option. Because they are weather-resistant and powerless, they can be especially useful during natural disasters and blackouts.

  1. Industrial Facilities

Solar flood lights with remote or even without it can help illuminate industrial infrastructures. They are affordable and resist power disruptions to maintain continuous lighting in industrial facilities.

  1. Sports Stadiums

One of the best practices for lighting sports stadiums is installing solar LED flood lights. It will save the surroundings and enhance the players’ and spectators’ experience. These lights are durable enough to withstand harsh conditions.

solar floodlights

How to Choose the Commercial Solar Flood lights

Wondering what to look at when investing in commercial solar flood lights? Here are some important tips to get started.


  1. Solar Light Panels Type, Wattage, and Size
  • Type

Generally, three types of solar panels are available. Amorphous type panels are low-power and offer the lowest efficiency. Monocrystalline solar panels are the most efficient yet expensive. However, polycrystalline solar panels, on the other hand, are a more cost-effective alternative to others. Their dark blue color makes them different.

Both polycrystalline and monocrystalline types can be used in large solar lighting projects like those on commercial buildings and houses.

  • Wattage

Wattage is the measurement of power that a panel generates under normal conditions. Higher wattage is required for a more powerful light. Commercial solar flood lights usually require 10- to 50-watt solar panels, depending on the power needed.

  • Size

The solar panel size depends on the power requirements and material. Sometimes, a smaller panel may also generate the same power as the larger alternative. Before buying, consider whether there’s enough area to install the high-power floodlights successfully.


  1. Solar Flood Light Brightness and Power

Brightness is the light output measured by lumen rating, whereas power is usually measured in watts. Many non-reliable manufacturers don’t use the right tool to get an accurate lumen rating. An average solar floodlight has a lumen rating ranging from 300 to 800. However, it can depend more or less on the requirement of floodlights.


  1. LED Solar Floodlight Sensors

Sensors are responsible for turning lights on at the right time, saving the battery. Motion sensors turn on the lights by detecting certain movements. They are mostly used for security purposes.

In contrast, the photosensors or dusk-to-dawn sensors detect darkness to turn on the lights automatically at a specific level. When morning comes, the lights turn off without any human involvement, thus saving energy and avoiding the need for dependency saving energy, Such a type of sensor is prevalent in street lights and other commercial spaces. When buying flood lights, look for the sensors the manufacturer claims.

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