A Quick Guide to Solar Powered Flood Lights Supplier Selection

Solar powered flood lights are eco-friendly and cost-effective for outdoor lighting projects. The growing energy crisis has shifted the world towards green energy sources. IEA estimated back in 2012 that solar energy generation would touch 550 terawatts by the end of 2030.[1] Surprisingly, this target was already met back in 2018. Therefore, most people look for a reliable solar powered flood lights supplier to invest in them.

Wondering where to find the brightest solar powered flood lights? With numerous solar led flood lights suppliers, it might take time to choose the right one.

This article is a quick guide on choosing the best solar powered flood lights supplier. Let’s delve into it!

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Solar LED Flood Lights and Solar Street Lights: What’s the Difference

Solar streetlights and solar LED flood lights differ in their application areas. Solar flood lights are mainly used in billboards, building facades, construction sites, and open sports stadiums. Their installation is usually flexible, and you can freely install them anywhere you like without any lamp posts.

On the other hand, solar streetlights are mainly used in lighting roads. You will find them on park roads, community roads, pedestrian streets, and rural roads. Their installation is an engineering project requiring a street lighting lamp pole.


How to Select Solar Flood Lights for Your Project?

You might need clarification about choosing the right solar flood lights for your next project. Like all other solar lamps, the main components of solar-powered floodlights are a battery, solar panel, controller, and LED modules.

Here are the two main factors you need to consider while choosing solar powered flood lights for your outdoor lighting project.


  1. Solar Panel Power

Along with other solar panel factors, power generated by a panel is an essential factor to look for before your investment. Wattage is the most common measurement of solar panel power. It helps you know the maximum power the panel will generate in optimum conditions.

For example, you will get 5 watt-hours of electricity from a 5W solar panel as an output. The higher the power in watts, the brighter the light will be. Bigger lights need high-wattage solar panels, usually 10 to 20 watts, and vice versa. Buying solar-powered LED lights from a trusted supplier will give you the right information on brightness and wattage.

  1. Battery Capacity

Consider the battery capacity before buying a solar LED flood light. Solar lights are available with batteries in different mAh capacities. Mostly their capacity range from 100 mAh to 1600 mAh. Higher battery capacity generally refers to longer run times.

Choosing the right mAh battery for LED solar powered flood lights can enhance the energy output for a long time. However, you need to consider the reason for using a higher-capacity battery first. For instance, you like to keep your lights on for a long period.

Buy Solar Powered Flood Lights from AvsA® Niudi

If you have decided to invest in solar powered flood lights, consider AvsA® Niudi. With vast experience, we offer the brightest solar flood lights worthy of your investment. We are a trusted solar LED flood light supplier with CE and ROHS certification. We have been manufacturing high-quality solar flood lights for over 10 years with many satisfied customers worldwide.

Some brilliant features and perks of AvsA® Niudi’s LED solar powered flood lights are as follow:


Features and Advantages

  • The remaining battery power indicator with a red light and real-time view indicates the battery usage.
  • Highly-Efficient and high-quality Polycrystalline Silicon Solar Panels
  • A reusable high-capacity battery with die casting Aluminum design allows fast heat dissipation and a longer lifespan
  • High waterproof grade IP67 technology with superior performance and high protection against weather and moisture
  • High performance-to-price ratio with long-lasting LED lamps
  • An amazing 2 years warranty on all solar flood lighting products
  • Brighter and energy-saving LED lamp beads
  • Fast battery charging time and can be charged on continuous cloudy and rainy days with a high conversion rate
  • Clear Electricity Display makes these LED lights more convenient and easy to use
  • Efficient Remote Control Function with various control functions like ON, OFF, AUTO, 3H, and 5H; you can use it as needed.

Over to You

AvsA® Niudi is a wonderful stop-shop and the finest choice for all your requirements related to outdoor lighting solutions. The good news is that our products are customizable to suit your unique needs.

Are you excited to invest in the most reliable and brightest solar powered flood lights ever? Immediately contact us to get your quote now!



[1] Explaining the Exponential Growth of Renewable Energy. Available at: https://www.wri.org/insights/growth-renewable-energy-sector-explained (Accessed 30th November 2022)