Characteristics and installation precautions of solar flood light

Solar flood light is very durable and has high safety. The maintenance cost is not very high, and the overall operation is very simple.

  1. Safe solar energy independent power supply, wireless transmission, no line leakage and other hazards, no hidden dangers in high-voltage transmission.
  2. Convenient and safe, low maintenance cost and low cost.
  3. Worry free, low maintenance cost, simple and convenient system maintenance.
  4. The surface of the durable solar panel array is made of composite materials and laminated by an imported laminating machine. Good air tightness, weather resistance, corrosion resistance and mechanical strength. The solar panel array has good impact resistance and conforms to IEC international standards. ABS plastic junction box, good aging resistance, waterproof and moisture resistance.


Solar flood light has brought a lot of benefits to our life in the process of use. In addition, this kind of lamp is relatively simple in the process of use, so it will be used in the process of urban beautification and rural road lighting. However, if we want to give full play to the performance of solar flood light in the process of use, in the process of installation, you must pay attention to some details.

In the process of installing the solar flood light, you must pay attention to understand the light source of the sun and the characteristics of the lamp pole, pay attention to these details, and then carry out the use and installation. In this way, the light effect can be effectively delivered to a large extent during the use, and the solar flood light will be brighter during the use.


Secondly, the surrounding environment must be taken into account. Since the lamp tubes and lamp poles used in different environments are completely different, attention must be paid to these problems in the process of selection. Select appropriate products according to the quality of the land, so that the service life of the solar projection lamp can be effectively improved in the process of use.


During the installation of the solar flood light, attention must be paid to the protection of the lamp pole. During the installation process, it is necessary to strictly follow some specific operation procedures. In this way, during the installation process, attention should be paid to and avoid the welding points, and then the angle between the lamp poles. These problems should be noticed in the process of pressing and rotating. It is mainly in the process of installation that these problems should be paid attention to. The utility of the solar flood light will be brought into play to a large extent.