Product training for all staff of the Ministry of Foreign Trade

What is solar energy? Solar energy is a kind of renewable energy. It is recorded that human beings have used solar energy for more than 3000 years. In recent years, solar energy technology has made rapid progress and has been widely used in many industries. Even its traces can be seen everywhere in our life: solar lamps, solar chargers ,solar water heaters and so on.

Zhongshan Niudi Optoelectronic Technology Lighting Co., Ltd. is a factory specializing in outdoor lighting and solar street lamp brands. We are committed to providing customers with one-stop engineering services such as design and development, production and manufacturing, sales and installation, and providing customers with a complete set of outdoor lighting project solutions. We have always insisted on quality as our life, constantly introduced advanced production equipment, developed and trained excellent technical personnel, kept pace with the times and constantly innovated.

Mr. Chen is one of Niudi’s bosses and has a deep understanding of the research, development, production and application of solar lamps. Recently, he conducted an effective training for the partners of the Ministry of foreign trade on the functions, advantages and applications of the company’s products. During the training, Mr. Chen explained the main structure and components of the solar lamp and the working principle of the solar lamp. Through the comparison with the market products, the advantages of the company’s solar lamps were highlighted. Through the training, the partners had a better understanding of the products, and everyone benefited greatly.