How to choose a reliable solar street light?

As an important energy in the development and utilization of new energy, solar energy is an important development direction of the world energy utilization, which can effectively reduce the consumption of conventional energy. With the adjustment of China’s energy structure,”new” energy is constantly replacing “old” energy.

At the same time, thanks to the national infrastructure construction investment, the development of solar cells and LED lighting technology, the photovoltaic lighting market has ushered in an explosion period, and the solar street light market has a very broad prospect.

However, the quality of solar street light manufacturers in the market is uneven. Counterfeit chips, exaggerated configuration parameters, poor heat dissipation design, copper wire impersonating gold wire and controller problems emerge in endlessly. When purchasing solar street lights, attention should be paid to avoid falling into the trap given by the manufacturer. Then, how to choose a reliable solar street light manufacturer?

1.Look at brand reputation and professionalism

When we examine whether the quality of a product is qualified, we often look at whether the enterprise is focused. Niudi solar light company has been focusing on high-quality solar street lights over 13 years.

2.Focus on the product quality

The patented products independently developed by Niudi include solar street light products such as 93 series,99 series,60 series, A series and split street lamp series, which are widely used in domestic and foreign markets and have withstood the tests of different use environments.

The popularization of solar street lights is a good thing that benefits the country and the people. Niudi also hopes that the whole industry will put an end to fake and shoddy products, achieve benign competition, promote the good development of the industry, and provide the most reassuring and high-quality solar street lights for the society.