LED Solar Flood Light Outdoor: Best Practices in Stadium Lighting System

Fans all across the world are gearing up for the FIFA World Cup 2022, which will be staged in Qatar. Nothing is more important than making their experience enjoyable and memorable; thus, there should be no gaps in preparation. Since many matches will take place at night, using a durable and bright LED solar flood light outdoor will double up the fan experience.


Benefits of Applying LED Solar Flood Lights in Stadiums

Powerful lights are necessary for a stadium to ensure that everything is visible to the players as well as the audience. When the sun goes down, these robust lights provide sufficient brightness for players to safely perform at their best. The LED solar flood light outdoor is a must-have for every stadium as they come with many benefits, such as:


  1. High Power Lighting

Places like a stadium or playfield require lights to be highly powerful. As LED solar flood light outdoor produces high-power lighting in the field, the traditional bulbs are no match for the best flood lights.


  1. Positive for the Environment

High-quality solar panels are great for preserving energy. Moreover, they are produced without the use of mercury or lead, and they are free of carbon emissions. No excessive use of man-made energy and zero use of toxic material make them the best choice for the environment.


  1. Lower Maintenance Fees

The best LED solar flood light outdoor can help save energy as well as the user’s money. Thanks to their durability to withstand extreme weather, these lights have a very low maintenance cost. Not to forget, they produce the same amount of light as typical flood lights but at a significantly cheaper cost.

Get The Best Solar LED Flood Lights For Stadiums From Niudi AvsA

Stadiums for professional sports require the best-LED technology and sophisticated lighting designs. Any great event you watch, whether live or on television, must be crystal clear. This is why the Solar Aluminum Flood Light (8800L) manufactured by Niudi AvsA is the ideal fit for the stadium’s lighting system.


You do not need to remember to turn the light on as this white color LED solar flood light outdoor has an automatic on/off feature that activates when the sun goes down. Additionally, it consists of a top-notch aluminum heat sink that ensures excellent heat management.


  • High-Efficiency Polycrystalline Silicon Solar Panels

As we know, night matches require great lighting for higher visibility. The bright white light produced by Niudi AvsA’s LED floodlights is similar to that of daylight which is why we are your best choice for stadium lighting.


  • High Waterproof IP67

The Niudi AvsA’s outdoor LED Solar Aluminum Flood Light ensures that the game goes smoothly with its constructed durable materials that can survive environmental exposure and significant temperature variations. This LED light with solar panel has protection levels up to IP67 provided by superior waterproof technology; lights can be controlled at any time, even on rainy days.

  • Recyclable High-Capacity Battery Design

Thanks to the massive battery capacity, these LED solar flood lights outdoor are known for their longevity. They can work for 10 to 15 hours straight after being fully charged. They also give you sufficient warning time when nearing the end of their charge by dimming gradually rather than suddenly dying.

  • Two Working Modes

Compared to traditional bulbs, the Niudi AvsA’s LED solar flood light outdoor has two working modes: light induction and remote control. The light induction method turns on and off automatically and is fantastic for preserving energy. On the other hand, the intelligent solar remote-control feature is designed to better suit the human body’s comfort. It has four options, such as:


  1. ON/OFF
  2. Open and close the full light (light control close)
  3. AUTO
  4. Automatic mode light control: the light will turn onautomatically at night
  5. 3H
  6. When it gets dark, the light will automatically close after 3 hours.
  7. 5H
  8. When it gets dark, the light will automatically close after 5 hours.


  • Solar Panels and Caps Can Be Adjusted At Multiple Angles

Niudi AvsA LED solar flood light outdoor (8800L) has inbuilt yokes that allow you to adjust the angle of these lights. Using this yoke, the LED stadium lights can be pointed upwards or downwards for proper lighting.

  • ODM/OEM Service Available: Customize Flood Lights to Match the Stadium

Customers with ODM/OEM requirements can easily get it customized from Niudi. We will communicate with the market and technical departments about the products and provide samples based on the customer’s specifications.


For ten years, Niudi AvsA has been manufacturing high-quality OEM/ODM solar light products.  To keep providing the best solutions to customers, the company continually dedicates itself to product R&D and has an extensive quality assurance program that includes testing for waterproofness, high and low temperatures, aging, and responsible after-sales care.

So, if you are looking for a high-quality LED light with solar panel, Niudi AvsA is the name to trust.