Niudi’s new patented design, an industry-leading solar flood lighting solution, takes into account cost-effectiveness and outstanding performance. It adopts high-efficiency energy-saving high-power solar panels and recyclable large-capacity batteries, with large wattage and brighter than other floodlights with the same configuration. It is detachable and easy to assemble and maintain. It is waterproof to IP67 and has a power indicator. Supports 4-5 nights of lighting after a full charge.

It adopts two lighting modes, which can be flexibly switched by remote control. Photocell control and remote control.

Due to the use of an all-ABS shell, the product has fast heat dissipation and long service life! At present, it is a hot-selling product in the Southeast Asian market and is widely sold in Cambodia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, etc. Mainly used in main roads, courtyards, bridges, factories and other scenes.