Outdoor Solar Lighting Experts

As a developer and leader in the solar energy industry, our Niudi Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. has always insisted on create high-quality, high brightness and high cost-effective solar products.
As a solar light company with a certain scale, we have complete testing equipment, integrating sphere tester, IP67 waterproof tester and high temperature tester. In addition, we have two aging test production lines with a length of 400 meters are used to ensure the product quality.

In order to ensure the product quality, we adopt three product quality inspections, material testing and inspection – quality inspection during assembly – quality inspection before delivery. Our ultimate goal is to deliver qualified products to you, ensure your profits, reduce the troubles of customer complaints, and make your business smoother.
So. Cooperate with us, your wallet is safe.

If you are looking for a qualified and powerful supplier,we are the right choice for you. Our company has hundreds of patented products, and has a strong R&D team with strong development and design capabilities , which can ensure that our products can be at the forefront of the solar light industry.
Our company’s daily production capacity is 5000 solar lamps, the monthly export is between 160 million and 180 million units.
And we have a lot of stock in our warehouse , which can be shipped at any time. Bring you convenience to your business and ensure stable delivery.
As we all know, the battery is one of the core components of the solar lamp,we have our own battery testing and processing workshop, which is convenient for our factory to control the quality of battery, we need to inspect and test battery one by one,after processing and packaging, it can be used on our solar products.

For the first core controller of solar lights, our company is the first company in Zhongshan city with the qualification of independent research and development of controller. We have passed tens of thousands of tests, so that our controller can perfectly match our solar panels ,battery and functions. Therefore,any other company can copy our appearance and packaging ,but can not copy our main core technology controller.

Thank you in advance for choosing us.