The first time I came into contact with solar lamps was about seven years ago. It started from my uncle bought a solar lamp and installed it in our yard. At that time, I didn’t know it was a solar lights, because the solar panel was fixed on the roof. I didn’t see the solar panel. So In my opinion, it was no different from ordinary lamps. When I left the yard at night, I also tried to find the switch to control the lamp, When I pressed every switch several times and I didn’t turn off the solar light finally, I asked my uncle why the light couldn’t be turned off. My uncle said, ‘This is a solar lighting and It doesn’t cost electricity. Besides, It doesn’t need to be turned off by our hand. actually, It will turn off automatically tomorrow morning.’

I said “Wow, so how much did it cost?” My uncle said, “It’s more than 200 yuan, which is more expensive than light bulb, but it’s very convenient. The most important thing is that It doesn’t need us to pay for electricity, even if it is light up all night in the yard, and it can also provide light for the camera at the same time.”

Now seven years have passed. The lamp is still there. I really admire its life span. It can accompany us for more than seven years. We often play table tennis and barbecue under the solar lamp. In the past, I never cared about the brand of this lamp, Now when I really enter the solar lamp industry, I want to see the brand of this lamp. Maybe it is the product of one of our competitors. Whether you believe it or not, such a coincidence is happened in the world. “JD JINDIAN” is printed on the glass. I think this is the reason why I always recommend this product. Good products are worth sharing with more people, Now we have also designed more new and good products and given the new brand name AvsA® Niudi’s. The meaning of this brand in Chinese is very powerful. It is after more than ten years of experience and precipitation that we have the courage to claim that our company is very powerful. I hope you will also be our very powerful partner.