As solar energy has grown in popularity, using solar floodlights has become easy for many people. This popular purchase of solar flood lights is great news for LED street light companies like AvsA® Niudi. As a leading solar flood light wholesaler,  AvsA® Niudi provides many customers with the high-quality goods and services they want.



The popularity of solar flood lights begs the question: why?


The widespread use of solar floodlights may be attributed to their eco-friendliness and long-term viability as a replacement for conventional lighting. Solar panels harness the sun’s rays to produce electricity, which is then used to power solar-powered floodlights that are strategically placed across the city. They are inexpensive compared to other lighting options and don’t need any upkeep or replacement parts. Additionally, solar-powered illumination may be installed on poles or the ground itself.


What to Think About When Purchasing AvsA® Niudi Solar Flood Lights


The first consideration is how it will be put to use. As an extra layer of security, AvsA® Niudi suggests investing in a Solar Aluminum Flood Light (8800L). This solar flood light has a high maximum brightness, a broad illumination angle, and a sizable surface area.

Second, find out who the buyer was. AVSA® Niudi is the leading manufacturer and supplier of solar flood lights. Several independent organizations have verified the high quality of their goods and services.

As the last step, think about the cost. Solar flood lights range in price from low to high depending on the light’s quality and design, so shoppers must consider their finances.




It’s becoming clearer that we need to reassess our energy strategy as we enter the twenty-first century. Solar energy is becoming more competitive with other energy sources, which might dramatically change how cities are illuminated at night. Cities may save money on electricity by installing solar panels to produce energy throughout the day instead of using more expensive options like coal or nuclear power plants. Communities might see significant long-term savings, improving air quality and reducing reliance on polluting fuels. If you are interested in purchasing wholesale solar flood lights, please get in touch with AvsA® Niudi for a pricing list.