At AvsA® Niudi, we’re excited to provide cutting-edge solar-powered solutions for public lighting. Our cutting-edge solar technology allows us to provide a full range of electrical services, including a set of powerful, eco-friendly solar flood light with remote control.

How a solar floodlight works


One may easily and cheaply increase energy independence and public safety by installing solar flood lights. Because they are solar-powered, these lights may be installed wherever there is sunshine. Using solar energy to power streetlights has several benefits over conventional lighting, including lower maintenance costs and a higher sense of safety. For example, solar-powered lights might be advantageous in various settings, including parking garages, green spaces, and urban thoroughfares. In addition, several reputable businesses provide solar-powered streetlights, so research before purchasing.


Reasons why it’s a good idea to use solar flood light with remote control.


Even though solar floodlights are commonplace in many urban areas, few know that they may be fueled by the sun. For the following reasons, their usage is recommended:


Compared to traditional streetlights, the energy consumption of remote-controlled solar floodlights is lower. As a result, consumers might see a decrease in their regular monthly energy bills. In addition to being environmentally friendly, these solar-powered streetlights can be turned off when they are not used.

In addition, solar floodlights that can be controlled wirelessly provide a new level of practicality.

And lastly, remote-controlled solar floodlights provide aesthetic value to the areas they illuminate.




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