This is an integrated solar street light, the solar panel is inlaid on the light body, and we matched the arm with the same color, this detail makes the whole light look more beautiful, who said that the solar street lights does not have the right to be beautiful, it also Both appearance and lighting can be taken into account at the same time. When you look carefully at the front of the light, 300W is composed of 6 small flood light, 400W is composed of 8 small floodlights, and 500W is composed of 10 small flood light. Imagine so many floodlights Lamps form a lamp. Is the light particularly bright? The answer is yes. Take a look at the housing of the lamp again. The front cover and the back cover are all designed and molded by ourselves, and then made with molds. The line sense and curved shape of the whole lamp make the whole lamp look fuller, and of course it can be sold at a better price with higher profit margins if the grade is improved. Some manufacturers directly use solar panels as covers, which seem to be very low-end products. Although the price may be slightly cheaper, you may not be satisfied with the profit margin. The most important thing is that our back cover is a complete solid back cover instead of hollowed out. As far as I know, many competitors in the same industry make the back cover hollowed out and then paste solar panels in order to save costs. After it rains, the rain is very It is easy to enter the lamp body, which will shorten the life of the lamp or directly cause the lamp to be short-circuited and damaged, and our design of the entire solid back cover can be avoid this problem very well.

In the function of the product:

First, we also adopt a photosensitive design, which automatically turns on the light when it is dark and turns off the light when it is bright. So when you test the lamps, if you test in the daytime, you can cover the solar panel with something, so that the solar panel does not feel the light, and the lamp will automatically turn on.

Second, we have installed a radar sensor on the lamp. The radar sensor is very sensitive. As long as people or other objects pass by, the brightness of the lamp will reach the highest value, otherwise it will only be slightly bright. The sensing distance is 4 meters. Each time the radar senses receives a signal, it will maintain the highest brightness for 10 seconds, but if you have been moving within the range of radar sensing, the light will always maintain the highest brightness until people or other objects leave or do not move . In this way, radar sensing can help us save power, it only lights up when you need it, so our lamps can persist for 3-4 rainy days.

Third, we provide customers with a remote control, which is convenient for you to turn on and off the light when you need it. In addition, you can also adjust the lighting time. The optional time is 3 hours and 5 hours. If you want to turn on the lights during the day, this is the advantage of our controller. As long as you press the AUTO button on the remote control, the light sensing function will be turned off, and the lights can be turned on normally even in daytime . If you don’t want to turn on the light during the day, you can also press the AUTO button on the remote control to turn on the photosensitive function.

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