Production base for solar lamps

At this stage, the production base of photovoltaic lighting products is mainly concentrated in China. China has formed a relatively complete industrial chain from the manufacturing of solar cells and LED light sources to the comprehensive application of solar cells and LED technology. Domestic enterprises have occupied the vast majority of the world’s photovoltaic lighting market. Among them, the ancient town is known as the capital of lamps, and as one of the important production bases for solar lamps, there is an endless stream of foreign merchants who come to the ancient town every year to purchase solar lamps. This year’s Lantern Expo is the first grand event after the opening of the country.

Sales entities of solar lamps

The consumer audience of solar lamps and lanterns is mainly foreign, concentrated in countries and regions near the equator. Unlike traditional street lights, solar LED are extremely cost-effective because they do not need to be connected to the grid, making them very feasible in sunny countries and an ideal choice for off-grid use. Even after dark, solar street lights in remote areas can still operate normally, which will improve the living standards of local people.

Since its establishment in 2018, Zhong Shan Niudi Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. has been committed to the research, development, manufacturing, production, and innovation of solar lamps. The solar lamps involved in independent research and development have a certain reputation in the international market, and are at the forefront of the solar lamp industry. Among them, solar projection lamps such as the 88L series, solar integrated street lamps such as the 90 series, and split solar street lamps such as the 60 series are all very popular products in the international market.

Why AvsA ® Niudi?

The R&D team of Niudi Company continuously updates and studies the world economic situation and sales trends of solar lamps, analyzes the appearance preferences and lighting needs of solar lamps in various regions, and specifically introduces new models based on local climate conditions. Moreover, Niu’s company is an OEM and ODM manufacturer that can perform OEM processing on original styles based on customer needs, or design private models and customize customer products based on customer provided parameters. If you want to learn more about Niu’s company and our solar lamp products, please visit our official websit( ).