Have you ever experienced a power outage on a hot summer day?

In today’s China, electricity can meet the needs of the Chinese people. I never thought that there would be a lack of electricity in China, but just last year, there was a continuous high temperature in Chongqing, China, which caused the river to run out of water. , the drying up of the river means that hydroelectric power will not be supported.
But in China, almost all of the electricity reserves come from hydroelectric power generation, which leads to a shortage of electricity. In order to ensure that a small amount of electricity is used in very necessary places, civil electricity is often stopped. The high temperature of 40 degrees, no air conditioning, and no fans, many residents can only go to places with many trees to enjoy the shade, and everyone goes to the supermarket to escape the heat.

Scientists say that due to global warming, the earth will experience abnormally high temperatures more and more frequently, which is beyond our control at present, but solar energy can help us solve these problems.

If in such a situation, we use a lot of solar lights, which can help the power supply system save a lot of electricity. If there were solar fans, we wouldn’t have to go to a place with many trees to enjoy the shade and passively wait for the wind to come. Maybe in the future, we will develop more products to deal with harsh climates. For example, maybe we will have Solar air conditioner. Solar energy is sure to become essential in the future. It will also become the largest developing industry.

I say this because I also had a power out night last month, when I could only use my phone to light up, I was reminded of solar lights, and when I was so hot I was sweating, I was Reminds me of the company’s solar fans.

I hope my experience can give you more inspiration.