Hello,everyone.I am Yuki, the sales manager of Niudi’s company(A manufacturer focusing on solar energy research and development).Our main products include solar street lights,solar flood lights,solar garden lights,and solar fans.Today,I want to introduce our very hot selling solar flood light-88L series and solar flood lights T series to you,and compare the differences between the two products so that you can make better choices.

First, I will introduce the T series.

This product is packaged in paper boxes. If a friend prefers color box packaging or needs to customize the logo, you can contact me or my friend. We can customize according to your requirements.So don’t worry about this,my friend.Open the carton and you will find that the solar light, solar panel and all accessories of this product are in the same carton. Accessories include the screws, remote control and bracket required for installation.
T series solar flood lights are made of ABS+Tempered glass.With the large capacity lithium battery,the lighting can last for 12 hours,Which is very safe and reliable.Of course,T series is IP65 professional waterproof without worrying about the cloudy day or rainy day.

What about the 88L series?

The 88L series is a kind of color box packaging that friends like, but because the solar panel is a little big, it is packaged separately from the solar light. The material of 88L series is aluminum+Tempered glass.At the same time, there are screws to fix the glass to protect the bulb.The 88L series also has IP65 waterproof and anti-corrosion functions,When it is fully charged, it can work continuously for 10-15 hours.

Based on the preliminary understanding of the two products, what is the difference between them that causes the price difference?

Firstly,it is evidently.The size of the two products is also different. The 88L series is larger than the T series. And we can see from the front that the T series has no screws, and the tempered glass is fixed from four positions. The 88L series is fixed by 8 screws. More importantly, their materials are also different. The T series is ABS and the 88L is aluminum.Therefore, 88L series is more stable than T series
How about the lighting?T series has 108 pieces 2835 SMD lamp beads,88L series has 255 pieces 5730 SMD lamp beads.The lamb beads’s quantity of 88L series is larger than T series.So,you can see ,The brightness of 88L series will be more obvious and brighter than T series.

Generally speaking, If you are a small wholesaler and want a good price I highly recommend you to wholesale our T100 because it is really a bargain.
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