With the development of science and technology and people’s attention to energy, solar lamp are increasingly popular in the international market. So how do we choose a solar lamp suitable for ourselves when faced with a variety of solar lamps on the market? For wholesalers and large sellers, how do they choose solar lamps to cater to the market?
Select based on geographical environment
Solar energy is the most dependent energy source for solar lamps. According to geographical location, countries near the equator receive the most abundant solar radiation, and photovoltaic panels can absorb the most solar energy. So currently, solar lamps are widely used in Southeast Asia, the Middle East
Countries such as Africa, China and the United States cover their surrounding markets. AvsA ® Niudi’s solar lamps, such as the aluminum floodlight 88L series, the ABS floodlight T series, the integrated solar street lamp 90 series, and the split solar street lamp 60 series, are very popular in these countries.

Select according to application scenario
Solar lamps have a variety of types, strong functionality, and a wide range of application scenarios. Currently, the more common solar products for outdoor lighting on the market include solar floodlights, solar street lamps, solar garden lamps, and solar wall lamps. Among them, solar garden lamps (ND-DX, ND-X70) and solar wall lamps (ND-S80, ND-99) have relatively fixed application scenarios, such as courtyards, parks, and other places, which play a decorative role while outdoor lighting. Solar street lamps (ND-90, ND-60, ND-A, and ND-19L) are mostly used in locations such as auxiliary roads and rural areas. They emphasize functionality and require sufficient lighting brightness, so the wattage and power of solar street lamps are relatively large. The selection of solar floodlights (ND-T, ND-18, and ND-7) is the most complex. Because of their small size and convenient installation, they only need to provide a certain amount of brightness, so they can be installed at any location, such as courtyards, factories, garages, farms, and so on.
Select based on target market
The current and future market prospects for solar lamps are good. Therefore, how to choose a suitable solar lamp to open the market or cater to the market is a crucial step for businesses. The price of solar lamps is often determined by solar panels, batteries, and controllers. To choose a solar lamp, first of all, you need to investigate the local market and economy, and combine your own strength to choose. The economy in Southeast Asia is relatively weak, and most of them are infrastructure projects. The price of ABS solar lamps is more advantageous, and they are very popular in the region.People in Europe, the United States and the Middle East pursue quality, and the appearance and quality of aluminum solar lamps are more loved by people. Of course, more situations still need to be confirmed through field visits by businesses.

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