With the development of urban construction, the prospect of lighting industry is getting better and better, and the right lighting scheme is rare; How do we judge the quality of a lighting design?
Rope to party a before making a rope will find lighting engineering company, through the lighting engineering company from two aspects of lighting design and lighting construction quality to compare, the most direct information is judged by lighting design scheme and the actual lighting effect, the actual lighting effect is relatively easy to judge, the hard part is evaluation lighting design scheme.

See the stand or fall of a bright design scheme above all, want to see the design logic of illume stylist from the whole. A complete and correct design logic includes: user needs analysis, site analysis, questions, ideas, node deepening, relying on space to create atmosphere, selection of materials, etc. The whole design logic is presented through the scheme. We should see the logic first and then see the effect drawing.
It should be noted that lighting design belongs to art, which is different from science. There is no single answer. In many cases, two completely different schemes may be excellent design works.   Again, look at the steps of lighting design. For example, whether the design theme fits or even sublimates the needs of party A, whether the lighting site analysis is objective and true, whether the results of the analysis can help the design, and whether the design effect can solve the problems raised, etc.

Finally, consider the added value that lighting design brings to the project. Whether the design is artistic, whether it can arouse people’s emotional resonance; Whether there is innovation, whether it can bring visual freshness to people; Whether the design can increase the impact of the project, etc. In addition, the above attributes are assessed based on project objectives and current market trends, and the details need to be adjusted. Of course, before looking at the lighting scheme, we will classify the strength of the lighting engineering company through some qualifications, and also feel the professional degree of the designer through actual contact. I believe you can choose your most satisfactory lighting engineering company!