Zhongshan Niudi Optoelectronic Technology Lighting Co., Ltd is a factory specializing in outdoor lighting and solar street lamp brands. We have always adhered to quality as our life, constantly introduced advanced production equipment, developed and trained excellent technical talents, kept pace with the times and constantly innovated. In the new year of 2023, Niu’s company officially launched a new solar street lights product-19L series to the market. Let’s learn about this product today!

Basic introduction of 19L series

The 19L series is an aluminum alloy+PC integrated solar street lamp, which has two wattage: 400W and 600W. Its large battery can make the lamp work steadily for 12-16 hours and provide sufficient night lighting. The high waterproof property of IP65 can also ensure that the lamp can provide long-term night lighting in rainy days.

Innovative features of the 19L series

1.19L series solar panels are monocrystalline silicon

Compared with the polycrystalline silicon solar panel used by most solar street lamps on the market, the 19L series is equipped with monocrystalline silicon with higher conversion rate, which enhances the power of the solar panel and can store sufficient energy for the solar lamp faster and more efficiently. Therefore, on the basis of the same wattage, the 19L series will have a wider lighting area and higher lumen brightness than other integrated street lamps.

2.19L series lamp beads

Most of today’s solar lamps use 283557303030 lamp beads. The 19L series has been upgraded on this basis, adopting the 8228 lamp beads, which are 82 * 28 decimetres in a flat rectangle, making the light emitting surface of the lamp larger, the lighting area wider, and the light efficiency doubled.

3.19L series lamp body material

At present, there are two common materials of integrated solar street lamps on the market: ABS and aluminum. The integrated solar street lamps made of ABS are mostly used for commercial lighting, with low cost but common quality problems. Especially for international transportation, the ABS material makes the lamps easy to be damaged and brings bad experience to customers. Most of the aluminum integrated solar street lamps are engineering lamps, which are specially used for government projects. They are relatively expensive but of good quality, which can ensure the long-term stable lighting of the lamps. The 19L series is an integrated street lamp made of aluminum, which can locate both commercial lighting and government projects. The price is cheap compared with engineering lamps, and the quality is excellent compared with ABS street lamps, which truly reflects the economic and practical characteristics.

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