Niudi’s company is an OEM and ODM factory specializing in the production of solar products. While upgrading and improving the original solar lamp, we are also committed to developing new solar products. In the new year of 2023, Niu’s company officially launched a new solar projection lamp product – 18 series. Let’s learn about this product today!
Basic introduction of 18 series

The 18 series is a solar flood lights of Aluminum alloy+Tempered glass. This series has three wattage: 200W, 300W and 500W. Its charging time is only 4-6 hours, which is enough to work stably for 8-20 hours and meet the requirements of sufficient lighting at night. The high waterproof property of IP65 can also ensure that the lamp can provide long-term night lighting in rainy days.
Innovative features of the 18 series

1.18 series solar panels are monocrystalline silicon

Compared with the polycrystalline silicon solar panel used by most solar floodlights on the market, the 18 series is equipped with monocrystalline silicon with higher conversion rate, which reduces the size of the solar panel, saves transportation costs, and enhances the power of the solar panel, which can store sufficient energy for the solar lamp faster and more efficiently.

2.18 Series appearance

The 18 series is different from other aluminum floodlights by spraying metal powder with higher cost on the appearance of the lamp, which increases the texture and metal sense of the lamp and highlights the material of the lamp. Compared with the previous projectors with only one lamp cap, the 18 series has 6 lamp caps, further expanding the lighting area of the projectors.

3.18 Series packaging

The 18 series solar projection lamp reduces the size of the solar panel, so that both the lamp cap and the solar panel can be put into the same packaging box, which can not only save the transportation cost, but also avoid the loss caused by many manual operations, such as the mismatch between the lamp and the solar panel, the loss of accessories, and the damage of goods during transportation.

If you are interested in our 18 series and want to know more about our products, please visit our official website (www.nd-solar. com). You can always trust AvsA ® Niudi