AvsA® Niudi is a well-known producer of LED solar lights. Also, it’s a solar lighting system supplier. Its services and products light up the planet and are employed in outdoor lighting solutions. The AvsA® Niudi Outdoor LED Solar Lighting Solution is discussed in this article!

Overview of AvsA® Niudi


The top seller of solar lighting products worldwide is AvsA® Niudi. All across the globe, we provide goods and services to consumers, communities, and companies.

We provide a variety of solar lighting devices for industrial and domestic uses. We provide solar street lights, outdoor solar flood lights, and floodlights. Our skilled team offers customized solutions to satisfy client requirements. For our items, we also provide installation services.

AvsA® Niudi strives to make a big difference in the world and believes in sustainable development.


What to Expect from the Solar Lighting Products from AvsA® Niudi


AvsA® Niudi is a global solar lighting firm that offers cutting-edge and environmentally friendly solar solutions to people and companies all over the globe. The solar lighting solutions offered by AvsA® Niudi are intended to save energy costs while enhancing the quality of life for people who rely on them.

The ability of AvsA® Niudi’s solar lighting products to offer a clean, safe light source in locations that are challenging or inaccessible for conventional lighting is one of their most well-liked features.

The solar lighting solutions from AvsA® Niudi, such as solar street lights, are adaptable and may be utilized in various settings, such as public spaces, neighborhoods, or buildings.


Products made by AvsA® Niudi


The AvsA® Niudi Solar Aluminum Flood Light is one of the brand’s best-selling items. Smart remote control solar flood light describes this solar street light. It is a traditional and affordable solar street light. It uses huge, recyclable batteries and high-efficiency polycrystalline silicon solar panels. Aluminum and highly waterproof IP67 materials have a long lifespan and swiftly disperse heat. Additional features include a power indicator. AvsA® Niudi supports this product with a two-year guarantee while considering the client’s requirements.




AvsA® Niudi is a market leader in the solar lighting sector, offering cutting-edge and environmentally friendly solutions to assure safety. We create, produce, and sell premium goods that simplify our consumers’ lives.