Purchases of solar-powered flood lights with smart controls should be considered. Learn how AvsA® Niudi smart solar flood lights might benefit your business.

There are several benefits to using smart solar floodlights.


Smart solar floodlights are undeniably advantageous since they boost curb appeal while decreasing electricity costs. Solar-powered streetlights are more eco-friendly than traditional ones since they require little power. In addition to reducing power bills, installing solar streetlights at a lower altitude makes them less susceptible to storm destruction.


Multiple situations may benefit from using AvsA® Niudi ‘s smart solar flood lights.


  1. Environmental-friendly products have been popular in recent years, and solar flood lights have played an important role in reducing carbon footprints. Solar flood lights use renewable technology to reduce the problems caused by the exhaustion of the earth’s resources.
  2. Unlimited energy. Solar energy is renewable energy, and solar lights rationally use inexhaustible solar energy. This means that as long as there is a sunny place, you can always use solar lights to obtain the energy lighting of the sun. Very stable and reliable.
  3. Cost benefits. The biggest advantage of solar lighting is its cost. Although they usually include high early costs, the best solar flood lights will show cost benefits over time -only solar energy is conducive to maximizing energy utilization and reducing energy loss.
  4. Low maintenance costs: Solar lamp products are easy to maintain, and only a small amount of inspection and cleaning are required throughout the year.
  5. Various styles: AvsA® Niudi‘s smart solar flood lights have many styles, sizes, and types, all designed with aesthetics and vision.




An ecologically conscious city should install smart solar flood lights to illuminate its streets. Even on the darkest nights, they provide sufficient light while using a fraction of the energy of traditional streetlights. Smart solar flood lights from AvsA® Niudi are a fantastic option if a town wishes to make its streets safer for walkers at night without increasing its carbon footprint.