For consumers who have purchased solar light, it is not necessary to manage them if the lamps are installed properly. Only regular maintenance can prolong the service life of lamps. If the solar flood lights works outside for a long time, the dust on the surface of the lamp will inevitably increase. If the accumulated dust is not cleaned in time, it will affect the lighting brightness of the lamp. Next, I would like to introduce the matters needing attention in the maintenance of solar flood lights:

1. In the daily routine inspection, if the glass cover is found to be cracked, it should be removed in time for replacement or returned to the factory for maintenance, without leaving any aftereffect.

2. For the solar flood lights, it is inevitable to encounter strong wind and heavy rain when it is outdoors for a long time. If the projection angle of the lamp changes, adjust the appropriate illumination angle in time.

3. In the process of using solar flood lights, try to use them according to the specifications and guidelines provided by the manufacturer. For lighting products, it is not guaranteed that they will not be damaged. If the lamp is found to be damaged, flashing or not lit, it needs to be repaired or replaced in time.

4. Clean the solar panel regularly and adjust the light angle, and its service life will be longer.

In addition to its own quality problems, the quality of a product needs users to take good care of it, so as to maximize its utilization value and meet users’ needs. AvsA® Niudi Aluminum Solar flood light is a more environmentally friendly and power-saving lighting tool for the majority of users. It is also a way to save costs by taking good maintenance measures to extend its service life.