The integrated solar street light is a solar street lights that integrates high-efficiency solar panels, 8-year ultra-long-life lithium batteries, high-efficiency LED and intelligent controller, PIR human body sensing module, anti-theft mounting bracket, etc.

Integrated solar street lamps are generally installed in various traffic roads, courtyards, mining areas and places that are not easy to pull electricity, parking lots, rural areas, etc. to provide road lighting at night, and solar panels on the back charge the battery to meet the lighting requirements.

The integrated solar street lamp has many advantages. The modular design concept and simple and lightweight appearance make it convenient for people to install, maintain and repair, and have a unified and tidy aesthetic sense visually. The solar lamp itself has the characteristics of green environmental protection and energy conservation. The lithium battery with high capacity and long life can ensure the service life of the product, generally up to 8 years.

According to market demand research, AVSA@Niudi’s brand company has developed a variety of engineering and commercial integrated solar street lights. During the day, even if it is cloudy, the solar panel collects and stores the required energy, and automatically supplies power to the LED lights of the integrated solar street light at night to achieve night lighting. At the same time, the integrated solar street light has the function of PIR human body induction, which can realize the working mode of infrared induction control lamp of intelligent human body at night. It is 100% bright when there are people, and automatically changes to 30% brightness after a certain period of time when there is no one, which is intelligent and energy-saving. Die-casting integrated solar street lights mainly include A series, 19 series and the latest 19L series, all of which are designed by AVSA@Niudi’s R&D team with a lot of time and cost. They are energy-saving, simple, efficient and environmentally friendly. Commercial integrated street lights have the best-selling 90-99 series, which can not only guarantee the quality but also give consumers the market price. If you are interested in our solar integrated street lights, please feel free to contact us!