A good solar street light needs an extremely stable state to play its maximum role, whether in terms of material selection, production or use performance. So, where is the stability of a good solar street light reflected? AvsA®Niudi redefines for you:

1. Durable and normal lighting
Solar street lamps use sunlight as energy to charge the battery. At night, the battery supplies power to the lamps for lighting, so there will be no sudden blackout. Solar street lights use direct current, so the probability of problems is very small. If there is a problem with the solar battery, it will not go out suddenly, and the light emitting part will gradually darken. AvsA®Niudi attaches great importance to the quality inspection of solar street lamps to avoid unnecessary losses to customers.

2. High-quality LED light source
Solar street lamp generally use LED lamp caps, which have a long lighting life and will not emit excessive heat during use, which greatly extends the service life of the light source. AvsA®Niudi solar street lamp uses San’an brand light source and uses “core” to create high-quality products.

3. The number of overcast and rainy days is long
Solar street lamp use sunlight for lighting. They should also be able to work normally in sunless days. Generally, solar street lamps can withstand rain for about 3-5 days, so that there is no electricity and no light. The AvsA®Niudi solar street lamp with waterproof grade of IP67 is still very bright in extreme weather.

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