We, at AvsA® Niudi, are excited to present our latest innovation – the integrated solar led street light. As a leading provider of sustainable lighting solutions for businesses, we have developed this groundbreaking technology to meet the unique needs of commercial establishments. In this article, we will showcase the features and benefits of our integrated solar led street lights, highlighting how they can transform business premises into well-lit and energy-efficient spaces.

Green Energy Solution

At AvsA® Niudi, we understand the importance of reducing carbon footprint and promoting clean energy sources. Our integrated solar led street lights harness the power of the sun by utilizing high-efficiency solar panels. During the day, these panels absorb sunlight and convert it into electricity, enabling the lights to operate independently from the conventional power grid. By adopting our solar-powered street lights, businesses can demonstrate their commitment to sustainability while significantly reducing energy costs.


Cost-effective Lighting

Conventional lighting systems can impose a substantial financial burden on businesses due to high electricity consumption. However, our integrated solar led street lights offer a cost-effective alternative. By using solar energy as the primary power source, businesses can significantly reduce their utility bills. Moreover, these lights require minimal maintenance, further reducing operational expenses.  Investing in our solar-powered street lights not only provides long-term savings but also contributes to a greener bottom line.



Customized Solutions

We understand that every business has unique lighting requirements. That’s why our integrated solar led street lights offer flexible and customizable solutions. From adjustable brightness levels to various mounting options, we provide tailored lighting systems to suit diverse business needs. Whether it’s a parking lot, walkway, or outdoor signage, our lights can be customized to deliver optimal illumination, enhancing the aesthetics and functionality of business spaces.


Easy Installation and Scalability

Installing our integrated solar led street lights is hassle-free, allowing businesses to quickly upgrade their lighting infrastructure. These lights can be easily integrated into existing poles or structures, minimizing installation time and costs. Additionally, our modular design enables scalability, allowing businesses to expand their lighting systems as needed. With automated controls and monitoring features, maintaining and managing the lights becomes effortless, ensuring uninterrupted performance.



AvsA® Niudi’s integrated solar led street lights are revolutionizing the way businesses illuminate their premises. By embracing sustainable and cost-effective lighting solutions, businesses can enhance their environmental commitment, improve safety and security, and reduce operational expenses. Our customizable and easy-to-install lights provide businesses with an opportunity to create well-lit and energy-efficient spaces that foster productivity and customer satisfaction. Join us in illuminating your business with AvsA® Niudi’s integrated solar led street lights and embrace a brighter and greener future.