The yard is the heart of any family: a place to entertain and welcome guests; The space where families can gather; A place to relax or read a good book. With the day lighting time getting longer and the night temperature gradually rising, we began to look for a good solar lighting – AvsA ® Niudi UFO solar garden lights decorate our comfortable harbor.

Although it is important to have green plants and flowers, environmental lighting is the secret to create a comfortable outdoor environment. From intimacy to sociability, from relaxation to vitality, good lighting is essential to create warmth and happiness.

AvsA ® Niudi’s UFO solar garden lights will be a beautiful scenery in your yard, which is defined by its elegant integrated design. The black disc, like a flying saucer, is made of ABS engineering materials, wrapped with polysilicon solar panels, and is elegantly hung on a slender pole, standing in the courtyard.

Soft lighting is the key to a comfortable night in the yard. The light shines softly and evenly through the textured and translucent PP lampshade.

In the dark environment, human body sensors bring full convenience. When you walk near the lamp, the human body sensor will sense it and the lamp will light up automatically; When you stay away from the lamp body, the lamp will go out automatically. It saves electricity and is environmentally friendly.

In the evening of leisure, about three or five friends sit together in the courtyard, which installed AvsA ® Niudi’s UFO solar garden light chatting while drinking tea. This attraction is so irresistible.