Are you tired of dealing with inadequate lighting solutions that drain your budget and energy? Say goodbye to dimly lit spaces and welcome the future of illumination with open arms! We are thrilled to introduce AvsA® Niudi abs solar flood light, a game-changing addition to our lineup of cutting-edge solar flood lights. With its revolutionary abs technology, this innovative lighting solution is set to empower businesses like never before. Prepare yourself for brighter days ahead as we delve into the remarkable features and benefits that make AvsA® Niudi abs solar flood light an absolute must-have in today’s competitive market. Let there be light – and let it shine brilliantly!

Unmatched Efficiency and Longevity: High-Quality Panels and Recyclable Battery Design


AvsA® Niudi abs solar flood light features high-efficiency polycrystalline silicon solar panels that ensure optimal charging even on cloudy and rainy days. These premium solar panels have a high conversion rate, allowing the flood light to harness energy efficiently. Additionally, AvsA® Niudi abs solar flood light boasts a recyclable high-capacity battery design, extending its runtime and minimizing environmental impact.


Fast Heat Dissipation, Waterproof Design, and Customization Options


AvsA® Niudi abs solar flood light excels in several key areas. Its abs construction facilitates fast heat dissipation, enhancing the flood light’s lifespan and reliability.     With a high waterproof rating, it can withstand various weather conditions, making it suitable for outdoor use in any season. Moreover, AvsA® Niudi offers a high-performance-price ratio, ensuring exceptional value for your investment.     Additionally, the flood light comes with a generous two-year warranty and customizable options, including the ability to add your brand logo.


Versatile Applications and Enduring Performance


AvsA® Niudi abs solar flood light finds extensive applications across different outdoor settings. Whether it’s illuminating billboards, enhancing visibility on highways, lighting up sports fields, highlighting building exteriors, or creating captivating garden night views, AvsA® Niudi is designed to meet a variety of outdoor lighting needs. The flood light’s powerful performance allows it to operate continuously for 10-15 hours, ensuring long-lasting illumination.




AvsA® Niudi abs solar flood light combines cutting-edge technology, superior durability, and versatility to deliver exceptional outdoor lighting solutions. With high-efficiency solar panels, fast charging capabilities, advanced heat dissipation, and a waterproof design, AvsA® Niudi stands out as a reliable choice for illuminating billboards, highways, sports fields, buildings, gardens, and more. Experience the power and longevity of AvsA® Niudi and transform your outdoor space with sustainable and dependable lighting. Trust in the brand that leads the way in abs solar technology – AvsA® Niudi.