The solar floodlight’s use extends beyond its primary function—illuminating a roadway—to provide greener lighting options. In addition, there are many more applications for an AvsA® Niudi industrial street light than merely illuminating the road.

Industrial street lights: their benefits


The advent of the industrial street light is a huge step forward for solar-powered street lights. This might increase the road’s visibility and make it safer for pedestrians and vehicles. Such applications inspired the creation of products like the AvsA® Niudi industrial street lights.

Industrial street floodlights use long-lasting, low-maintenance LED bulbs. The industrial street light is fueled by the sun and contains a motion detector that turns it on when it detects motion. It’s the perfect answer for high-traffic intersections and corridors since the light can be focused precisely where required. High-traffic areas need to be illuminated, and industrial street lights are an excellent option.


The Uniqueness of AvsA® Niudi Industrial Street lights


(1) Green and environmental protection, high safety factor, low operating power, no potential safety hazards, can also be recycled, less environmental pollution, and are energy-saving and environmentally friendly green lamps.

(2) The light is healthy; the light irradiated by the solar garden light is soft and not dazzling. The light does not contain ultraviolet and infrared rays, does not produce radiation, and has no light pollution.

(3) Long service life, AvsA® Niudi industrial street lights use semiconductor chips to emit light. The cumulative lifespan can reach tens of thousands of hours, much higher than ordinary garden lights, and is suitable for industrial occasions that require long-term use.

(4) High-use efficiency can effectively convert solar energy into light energy; 90% of electric energy can be converted into visible light, much higher than ordinary incandescent lamps.




If you need a solar street light that does more than illuminate your path, look no further than the industrial street light. When compared to traditional light bulbs, this cutting-edge gadget reduces energy consumption by a significant margin while maintaining or improving light output. There is no better way to guarantee the safety of a whole neighborhood than with this lighting system. So curious? Make immediate contact with AvsA® Niudi.