Solar energy is an important energy around us. Through solar energy, we have invented a series of solar lighting products, including solar flood lights, solar landscape light, solar street lights, etc. After the lamps are installed, if they are found to be out of light, it is necessary to find out the reason and solve it according to different reasons.


What are the reasons why the solar lights doesn’t work?

1.Don’t choose an excellent battery
The reason why the solar lights can light up is that there is a battery, and there are three types of battery: lead-acid battery, with a service life of only two years; The service life of colloidal battery is relatively long, about three years; At present, many solar lamps use lithium phosphate batteries with a maximum service life of about eight years.
If the lead-acid battery is selected, it may be damaged after one or two years, which will shorten the lighting time of the solar lamp and cause the failure of not lighting.

2.The control board is damaged

The control board of the solar street lights has been aged for a long time, and the components have reached the service life, resulting in the control board can not operate normally.

3. The light source of lamp cap is damaged
The solar lights can not work normally due to its own quality problem or man-made damage, and the lamp does not light or flickers.

4.Line aging
This phenomenon is also relatively common. The line is broken due to aging, and the solar lights cannot work normally.

How to solve the problem that the solar street lights does not work?

1.The lithium battery is the best choice for the installed solar street lights battery, which has a long service life. Pay attention to the matching of battery voltage and capacity during installation. After installation, the lamp needs to be debugged to ensure its normal use.

2. If the control boardr is damaged, the original board should be removed, and then the new board matching the model should be selected and debugged.

3. If the light source of the solar lights cap is damaged, it can only be replaced. The welding should be firm, and attention should be paid to the maintenance of the circuit.

In short, users also need to pay attention to the maintenance and repair of solar lights, such as checking the circuit and control board of solar lamps, and installing lithium batteries with a slightly longer service life. If you are looking for high quality smart led solar light fixtures be sure to check out AvsA® Niudi’s Aluminum Street Lights!