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Niudi’s Exclusive Design Solar Lights T Series is Coming

Niudi's new patented design, an industry-leading solar flood lighting solution, takes into account cost-effectiveness and outstanding performance. It adopts high-efficiency energy-saving high-power solar panels and recyclable large-capacity batteries, with large wattage and brighter than other floodlights with the same configuration. It is detachable and easy to assemble and maintain. It is waterproof to IP67 and

Niudi’s Exclusive Design Solar Lights T Series is Coming2022-07-18T16:55:23+08:00

Advantages of Solar Street Lamp

Solar power is energy from the sun that is converted into thermal or electrical energy. Solar power is a kind of inexhaustible and environmentally-friendly new energy resource. The solar street light is one of the applications of solar power. The main advantages of solar street lamps include: 1. Energy-saving and environmentally-friendly The solar street

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