Hot Selling Popular Style Niudi’s Exclusive Design ABS Solar Lights T Series

T series solar flood light is our hottest product in our products, which is very popular in Southeast Asian countries especially in Cambodia. Today, I will introduce this product for you and then you will know why it is so popular. Let’s take T100 as an example.

Firstly, I will talk about the led solar light. For the shell, we use ABS. This is not a kind of ordinary plastic. We add the plastic and metal together, so this kind of plastic shell is more rigid than normal plastic. On the plastic casing, we leave a blank for printing, so customers can print their own logo according to their needs.

For the glass, we use high-strength tempered glass, which can make the lighting effect better while ensuring the resistance to falling. We can print the customer’s logo on the glass and casing according to the customer’s needs. Through the glass mirror, there are five power indicator lights, and customers can know the charging and discharging status of the lights by observing the power indicator lights. For the lamp beads, there are 156pcs of beads and we use Taiwan Sanan imported chip 5730 lamp beads, which can make the lighting effect better. In order to make the illumination range of the lamp wider and the brightness of the lamp more sufficient, we adopt the stepped design of the reflector. For the battery, it is 3.2V, 7AH. And we use the same lithium iron phosphate battery of the car, which has better performance and longer discharge time. Therefore, the charging time is 4-6hours and working time can be up to 10 hours around. For the control board, we adopt the anti-power-loss design, which can prolong the service life of the battery; in addition, it is also an integrated circuit control board hollow design, which is more in line with artificial aesthetics, making the lamps more concise and beautiful. What’s more, it has two colors–warm white and cold white. If you want it to be seen brighter, we suggest that you can choose the cold white. Besides, there is a bracket on the lamp and the bracket is adjustable, so the installation angle can be adjusted at will according to the installation height and customer needs to ensure excellent lighting effects. These above are the features of lamp.

For the solar panel, it is 6V 12W and we use Polycrystalline silicon. This kind of solar panel has good charging efficiency, so it is very popular in solar panel market. For the wire line, it is 4.2 meters long, so it can meet most customers’ needs. And there is also a bracket for the solar panel. the solar panel bracket adopts an adjustable angle design, which can be adjusted at any time according to the customer’s local lighting conditions to ensure excellent charging effect.

In a word, this led solar flood light is very easy to install. The size of the lamp is 282*250*90mm and the solar panel is 350*235*17mm. You can install it 3 meters high. The last but not the least, the price is very nice for customers. If you want to know the price, please find us and let us quote for you!